Fitting porches! 

I posted a help question on The British Beekeepers Association FB page asking if there was anything else I could do to prevent wasps getting into the hives and surprisingly, adding a porch extension is the recommendation.

Off we want to B&Q yesterday to buy some plastic roofing. With scissors and drawing pins – voila – bee porches!

The idea is that the bees will quickly work out the new tunnel entrance but the wasps find it more difficult. It’s also an easier and smaller area to defend.

There were still wasps close to the hives but they were definitely scavenging for dead Drones. Hopefully the porches will prevent them getting more ambitious and trying to get into the hives.

The wasp traps I set the other day have had some success and I’ve also put up a Waspsinator. Apparently wasps don’t like entering the territory of another wasp nest.

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