Long live the queens! 

Between the weather being changeable and a busy schedule we hadn’t managed to inspect the hives since the end of July. So, we were pleased to find that we still had 5 queens but this time, all 5 queens were laying. That’s a fantastic result!

Caitlin in hive 1 was a small colony but amazingly docile and with a nice laying pattern.

Rebecca in hive 2 and Susan in hive 6 were the two hives that queens had been spotted but hadn’t started to lay. This time, both had larvae & brood so that was fantastic. However, hive Rebecca was vicious and Stuart and I got stung several times on the hand. Hive Susan was small & docile.

Sam in hive 3 was enormous! A mass of docile fluid bees with larvae & brood.

Claire in hive 4 still had it’s blue queen and a nice laying pattern.

Hope in hive 5 had no sign of the queen cell spotted the last time. There was no brood and I didn’t see a queen. There is still time for a queen to be mated & start to lay so we’re going to give this hive another few weeks and if nothing is forthcoming, we’ll merge it with one of the smaller hives.
It was lovely to see that each hive had a beautiful array of different coloured pollen and there was the possibility of a little more honey before they, and us, start to  prepare for winter.

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