Apiary explained!

It’s getting a bit confusing so I thought a picture might help!

  • The hive closest, with the brown roof, is Hive Susan and to it’s right is Hive Susan 2.
  • Next row back is Hive Claire on the left and Hive Claire 2 to it’s right.
  • Next back is Hive Rebecca (top box) – yet to be named.
  • Next back and to the right is Hive Rebecca (bottom box).
  • Furthest at the back is Hive Caitlin.




So what’s been happening today:

Hive Susan, which I didn’t have time to artificially swarm last week, was split today using the same technique as Hive Claire. Queen Susan and the flying bees are in the left hive.  The queen cells with the brood and house bees are in the right hive.

A quick look in Hive Claire saw the queen still in situ. Hopefully the urge to swarm has been thwarted!  Hive Claire 2 still had capped queen cells so hopefully a queen will emerge soon, get mated and start laying in a week or two.

The top box of hive Rebecca had a nice brood pattern and Stuart spotted the new queen – beautiful, long and orange! We moved the box to it’s new site and put a super on top.  That part of the Snelgrove manipulation has been a success. Hive name to be confirmed!

Hive Rebecca’s bottom box still doesn’t have any fresh brood. We’re still hopeful that one of the queen cells will successfully produce a viable queen. Patience is required. Not a great Snelgrove outcome but not a disaster yet!

Hive Caitlin still isn’t right. There is no brood pattern but there is an empty queen cell so hopefully a queen is out there being mated. We’ve just got to wait and see. However, Hive Caitlin has been the most prolific at making honey so it’s been a worthwhile addition to the apiary. We may have to make a decision to merge it with another hive if things don’t improve.

With the surprise swarming attempts of the new nucs, the apiary has expended more than I was expecting and I’m out of equipment again. Having instantly used the hive I got for my birthday, I might have to have a second birthday like the Queen!







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