Collection day!

Last November, fearing my one colony might not survive the winter, I ordered 2 nucleus colonies as a backup plan! Thankfully I didn’t need that backup plan but I was still looking forward to their arrival. We collected and hived them today and are now the proud owners of four colonies!

3 thoughts on “Collection day!

  1. Hi

    Yes you are correct, white is this year’s colour. The queen which I finally found on Sunday, I marked with white. However, I didn’t mark the queens in the nucs, the supplier did. He was saying that if you’re small scale, which I am, then the colour doesn’t really matter because you’ll remember what year you got the queen or can easily check your records. He thinks it’s best to choose a colour that stands out so you can spot her easily. The blue is a small shiny disc with a number on it and it’s stuck on. If am honest, I’m just happy I can spot her!



  2. Actually, when I think about it, she’ll have been an over wintered queen so blue for 2015. The one I’ve just marked white, because that was the only pen I had, was a nuc I got last year so an over wintered 2014 queen and should have been green. As I say, I’ll know how old they are because I don’t have many!


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