Chain Bridge Honey Farm

I was at a talk today given by Willie Robson, owner of the Chain Bridge Honey Farm. What an amazing guy. He’s been beekeeping since 1962! A family business, started by Willie’s father in 1948, it now employs its third generation of Robsons.

With a nonchalant air, Willie spoke for an hour about beekeeping at Chain Bridge Honey Farm.  He, his son and one other employee, look after approximately 1,600 hives. I don’t think there is anything he doesn’t know about bees and beekeeping. His wife organises the honey deliveries and his daughters are involIMG_2215ved in packing honey and making products like cosmetics and soap.

We got a behind the scene tour showing the machinery used, the storage rooms for jarred honey and processed wax, the jarring process for propolis ointment and, from the viewing platform, honey being harvested from the comb.

If you haven’t been, it’s well worth a visit. There’s a super visitors centre detailing the history of bees and includes an observation hive.  The shop sells all their products from honey to face creams, books to honey cake. We had lunch in the cafe, a double decker bus, which serves delicious sandwiches, scones and cakes. There are even vintage vehicles!

Go to their website at Chain Bridge Honey Farm and have a look.

Thank you to the East Lothian Beekeepers Association for organising the visit.

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