Bee bedlam before bed – round two

It was time to move the ‘bee bedlam before bed’ hive to it’s final home. By replacing the floor and brood box last week, we were hoping the hive would be more stable when in transit. So, with some trepidation, we got our equipment together and headed off in plenty of time before it got dark!

Having done this a few times now, we had a plan:IMG_3564

  1. Close the entrance and nail it shut.
  2. Strap the hive toget
    her tightly.
  3. Wrap it in a large sheet.
  4. Place it carefully in the car without moving the sides.
  5. Drive slowly round corners.IMG_3578
  6. Transfer the hive to the trolley for transportation to the apiary.
  7. Unload, unwrap and unstrap.
  8. Open the entrance.

And the plan worked! No bees escaped.  Nobody had to flee the scene. No bees were harmed. The hive arrived intact and, when we opened the entrance, the bees emerged to have a look around. Bit boring! Just joking!

A big thank you goes to Stuart for carrying the hive to the car, pulling the trolley to the apiary and lifting the hive over the gate. It was super heavy and not without hazard. The boys did a great job lighting the apiary at the unwrapping. It was getting dark but at least we could still see!

There was some discussion this morning over the name of this hive. I was going to call it a new name, as it’s a new colony. However, the boys think it should be Hive Jessica as it’s the swarm that came from Hive Jessica. Technically speaking, it’s our missing queen. So, I think the boys win. Hive Jessica has returned!

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