I did a full inspection of Hive Rebecca today and was delighted to find capped brood and larvae in both brood boxes with plenty of stores.  The merge appears to have been a success.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I was on my own with nobody needing to rush back for work, friends or the Xbox so, I took the time to watch the hive entrFullSizeRender 3ance to see what they were up to.  The bees were busy flying pollen into the hive. It was pollentastic! Baskets were full of pale green, lime green, pale cream, bright orange and yellow pollen.  I love the mystery of where the bees have been and what flowers they have been on.  I think the pale green could be from Field Thistle, lime green could be from Bell Heath and the bright orange could be from Common Lime.


I also caught, and destroyed, a cheeky wasp trying to get in.  There’s no harm in giving the bees a little helping hand!

3 thoughts on “Pollentastic

  1. The colours of the pollen are amazing Helen. I never knew pollen came in different colours. Talk about learning something new every day. I will look closer in future!


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