My first practical class.

My first practical class was on 2nd May at an Edinburgh and Midlothian Beekeepers Association (EMBA) meIMG_0180mber’s apiary at the House of Binns.  To say I was nervous was an understatement.  Having NO sense of direction, I had to get myself there, get suit up and get personal with the bees for the very first time.  To be honest, I was hoping they’d say it was too cold and cancel.  But no, it was a go and it was fantastic!  Which was just as well as I’d already bought my first hive and it was sitting in the kitchen.

I came away from that visit floating on air!  Not only had I got myself there, I had lifted a frame from a hive with bees on it and I didn’t freak out.  It was going to be fine.

I had a further 2 apiary visits over the following weekends at different sites, thanks to the EMBA.  They were exciting, informative and reassuring.  I knew I was a beekeeper!

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